The Deep Green Bush School is a participatory, technology-free, evolutionary and revolutionary school for ages 5-18 designed to raise intelligent, healthy, mature, responsible young adults who can think for themselves, meet their needs, live a meaningful life and challenge the current system in order to bring about a healthy world. 

They are raising the dreamers, healers, rebels and the revolutionaries this world needs. There are no formal classes except by student request, no homework, no tests, and no grades.  This piece comes from the DGBS student-authored newsletter.

By the students of the Deep Green Bush School

It’s great that people are becoming more aware of climate change, but not enough is being done. Take the March 15 student strike, for example. We stood there and begged the government to do something for two hours. Then we walked down the road for five minutes, then on the foot path, and then many people went back on the the road and marched up and down the road for a little while.

This was a good start, but we have to be more disruptive. We need to toughen up and accept that begging the government won’t work! Examples of things to do:

  • Direct action. Take things into your own hands – don’t beg the government
  • More disruptive protesting, less symbolic protesting
  • Depave roads and replant with trees
  • Dismantle oil infrastructure
  • Shut down factories
  • Replace governments with autonomous neighbourhood councils
  • Blockades
  • Maori reclaiming stolen land
  • End the dairy industry and factory farms
  • One child per woman (to reduce the population)
  • Stop wasting your time in school!

Direct Action: some examples

Direct action means organising and doing what needs to be done, without waiting for someone else to do it, like corporations, charities and the government. Some examples of direct action needed to deal with Climate Change are:

  • shutting down factories
  • taking apart pipelines
  • removing dams
  • blocking off ports
  • removing roads and replanting with trees
  • organising free, local, natural health care
  • instead of relying on police, organise your own community watch group and peacekeeping system
  • replant golf courses with fruit trees
  • shut down corporations
  • dismantle cities
  • shut down nuclear reactors according to proper procedure
  • communities organising to deal with those who try to stop us

Compost Capitalism - Deep Green Bush School

Some examples from history of when direct action was needed:

It doesn’t just happen by begging!

How to Start

Personal things you can do, without waiting for the government

  1. Turn off your screens
  2. Avoid drugs, like sugar, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.
  3. Make a garden or join a community garden (or help start one)
  4. Learn how to live with less
  5. Learn how to hunt and fish
  6. Go outside. Become more connected to nature – then you will see why it’s screwed up to be constantly destroying it!
  7. Talk to your neighbours
  8. Make a plan together

Spring 2020 Fundraiser

Right now, Deep Green Resistance organizers are at work building a political resistance resistance movement to defend the living planet and rebuild just, sustainable human communities.

In Manila, Kathmandu, Auckland, Denver, Paris—all over the world—we are building resistance and working towards revolution. We Need Your Help.

Not all of us can work from the front lines, but we can all contribute. Our radical, uncompromising stance comes at a price. Foundations and corporations won’t fund us because we are too radical. We operate on a shoestring budget (all our funding comes from small, grassroots donations averaging less than $50) and have only one paid staff.

Current funding levels aren’t sustainable for the long-term, even with our level of operations now. We need to expand our fundraising base significantly to build stronger resistance and grow our movement.

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