Occupy the Machine US Speaking Tour

Announcing the Occupy the Machine Cross-Country Speaking Tour

Occupy the Machine – Stop the 1% – Are You Ready?

 For ten thousand years, the 1% have been turning living creatures into dead commodities and robbing everyone to accumulate wealth. The Earth is now on the brink of biotic collapse. We get closer to the precipice every day.

But we will stop them while there is still time left.

We must gather our strength, our strategies, and our willingness to sacrifice before the machine destroys us all. Symbolic arrests, one-day blockades, and mass rallies are all crucial to effective resistance. But no struggle can win if it stops there. We have to escalate.

It’s time to put our bodies between our planet and the machine. We need a sustained, strategic campaign of nonviolent direct action, waged on a scale not seen since the Civil Rights movement.

Are you ready? Come hear more.


Austin, TX

Saturday, February 11 – Third Coast Activist – 1 pm

Address: 5604 Manor Rd, Austin TX

Salt Lake City, UT

 Wednesday, February 22 – University of Utah – 7 pm

Address: 201 Presidents Circle, Salt Lake City, UT

*Put on by the Revolutionary Students Union*

Eugene, OR

 Saturday, March 3 – Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC)
Panel Discussion – 10:30 am

Panel Title: With 5 Years Left and No End to the
Destruction in Sight, What Can Work in Time

University of Oregon Knight Law Building

PIELC Website

Columbus, OH

Friday, March 9

Specifics TBA

Southern Coal Fields, WV

Saturday, March 10, Sunday, March 11, Monday, March 12

Specifics TBA

New York, NY

Friday, March 16th, Saturday, March 17th, Sunday, March 18th- Left Forum
Panel Discussion – Time TBA

Panel Title: Building the Red-Green Revolutionary Strategic Alliance

Pace University

Left Forum Website

Storrs, CT

Friday, March 23

Specifics TBA

Syracuse, NY

Sunday, March 25

Specifics TBA

Iowa City, IA

Monday, April 9 – Iowa City Public Library Room A – 7 pm

Address: 123 South Linn Street, Iowa City, IA

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