Representatives of the Veterans Delegation Arrive at Standing Rock

     by Indigenous Environmental Network

Cannonball, ND – At approximately 3PM CST a group of about 30 people gathered to create a protective prayer line on the Backwater Bridge, the site of the November 20th attack on peaceful and unarmed water protectors by militarized police. Wesley Clark Jr., an organizer of Veterans Stand with Standing Rock, Kandi Mossett of the Indigenous Environmental Network, and Brenda White Bull who served 20 years in the Marine Corps and is also a direct descendant of Chief Sitting Bull, delivered a message to representatives of the National Guard, the Veterans Association, Tigerswan Private Security, who is hired by DAPL, and North Dakota law enforcement.

Wesley, Kandi, and Brenda walked together across the bridge to have a discussion with representatives on the other side. The purpose of the discussion was to clarify that the delegation of more than 2,000 veterans comes in peace and will remain nonviolent and in prayer during their visit to Standing Rock.

Further discussion was had about resolving tension between Water Protectors and law enforcement and also about the barricade on the bridge, which poses a danger not only to the camps but also the Cannon Ball community as it blocks the fastest route for emergency services. An audio recording of the meeting confirms that North Dakota law enforcement will not be entering the camp.

From December 4th through 7th, 2,000 veterans will descend on Standing Rock to act as a human shield for the water protectors on the front lines of the peaceful protest. The Veterans will also act as protectors of the Oceti Sakowin camp after the Army Corps of Engineers and North Dakota Governor, Jack Dalrymple, have called for its December 5th evacuation.

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Featured image by Spencer Mann, Indigenous Rising Media

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