Physical Security for Events

Physical Security for Events / Actions

Vigilante, paramilitary, and state violence against resistance movements is on the rise. Around the world, regressive forces are violently resisting social movements for justice and sustainability, or using intimidation to create fear. Our movements must prepare for this.

This post includes a training on how to protect protests, events, and locations from violent attacks and disruption. The training is delivered by Ahjamu Umi of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party. It was originally hosted by the Rural Organizing Project and published on 10th June 2020.

Ahjamu reminds us that “coming together is out best strength.” He says that the best deterrent for problems is ‘presence’ and starts by explaining how important is to get a team together, organized, and prepared before events. The training covers:

  • The proper ratio of security:participants
  • The psychology of security
  • Conflict de-escalation
  • Ensuring building safety
  • The centrality of community
  • Wargaming, training, and scenarios
  • Importance of communication

Featured image by Marcello Casal Jr/ABr. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Brazil.

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