Militant group MEND issues bomb threats against South African corporations

By Emma Amaize / Vanguard

After cessation of hostilities for some months in the Niger-Delta, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger-Delta, MEND, weekend, threatened to bomb telecommunication giant, MTN, SACOIL and other  investments of South Africa  in Nigeria because of alleged  interference of President Jacob Zuma in its struggle for justice in the Niger-Delta.

The militant group issued the warning in an internet post by its spokesman, Jomo Gbomo, shortly after it bombarded the National Agip Oil Company, NAOC, trunk line at Brass in Bayelsa state on Saturday.

In a disguised reference to the tribulation of its assumed leader, Henry Okah and postponement of his trial in by a South-African court, the militant group said the South Africa President has reduced himself to a mercenary of President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to it: “In the dark days to come, MTN, SACOIL, and other South African investments will pay a heavy price for the interference of Jacob Zuma in the legitimate fight for justice in the Niger Delta by its people. The South African President has reduced himself to the position of a hired thug for Goodluck Jonathan.”

The group, which also announced a new phase for its struggle for justice, claimed responsibility for the January 28 bombing of the Ogbogbabene country home of the Minister of Niger-Delta, Elder Peter Godsday Orubebe in Burtutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

In the words of the group,  “On Saturday,  the 4th of February at 19:30hrs, fighters of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (M.E.N.D) attacked and destroyed the Agip trunk line at brass in Bayelsa State in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

“This relatively insignificant attack is a reminder of our presence in the creeks of the Niger Delta and a sign of things to come”, it stated.

“We have constantly warned Nigerians about Goodluck Jonathan and his train of idiots running Nigeria.  Events of the last few months have vindicated our position on the inability of this moron to lead Nigeria anywhere but downwards”, the group added.

“Rather than address serious issues facing the nation and its citizens, Goodluck Jonathan squanders public funds on tribalistic sycophants and thugs calling themselves ex-militants.

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