Deep Green Resistance presents: A Culture of Resistance East Coast Roadshow

By Deep Green Resistance

Building a culture of resistance from the grassroots up, Deep Green Resistance Presents: A Culture of Resistance East Coast Roadshow.

A Culture of Resistance Roadshow may be coming to a city near you! A traveling group of activists from Deep Green Resistance (DGR) will be touring the Southeast this summer, advocating a new strategy for resistance to industrial capitalism.

“We will be speaking about topics ranging from a radical feminist analysis of environmentalism to strategic planning for application of political force,” said DGR organizer Xander Knox.

DGR recognizes that the current structure of society–industrial civilization–is fundamentally unsustainable, and that small-scale remedial actions will not stop the systematic destruction of the natural world.

The Roadshow workshop will explore the inability of current efforts to truly address the fundamental contradictions of our modern struggles, and present concrete steps to an equitable, thriving future.

This workshop is intended as a practical guide to effective activism, and will leave attendees feeling empowered to shift the course of history at this most critical juncture. There will be music, art, and informative presentations that will give activists the tools they need to make a difference in this struggle.

Deep Green Resistance is an organization that is working to build a culture of resistance to the systematic oppression and destruction of the dominant culture. There are over 25 DGR chapters in 7 countries and 12 US States.

Join us in saying “No more ineffective action!”

Update: read a report-back from the Deep Green Resistance East Coast Roadshow.

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