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Deep Green Resistance People of Color Solidarity Guidelines

Developed by white Deep Green Resistance members, with guidance from the People of Color Caucus. Introduction White Supremacy is a system of power that is as active today as any time in this culture’s history. As white activists, we have been socialized into a culture of domination and often carry, practice, and reproduce racism in … Continue reading Deep Green Resistance People of Color Solidarity Guidelines

Resistance Movement Profiles

Introduction Building a successful culture of resistance to address modern environmental and social justice crises requires that we learn what has and hasn’t worked for other groups. The Resistance Profiles below provide an introduction, with references to further resources, to different approaches of many resistance group of the past and present, with a wide range … Continue reading Resistance Movement Profiles

Nine Principles of War

Appendix A of US Army FM 3-0, “Operations”, 2008 edition The nine principles of war represent the most important nonphysical factors that affect the conduct of operations at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. The Army published its original principles of war after World War I. In the following years, the Army adjusted the original … Continue reading Nine Principles of War

Swarm: A Roving Caravan Strategy for Crushing Snakes and Other Capitalist Parasites

Editor’s Note: This zine is an excellent read, and we encourage you to study it thoroughly. However, we’d also like to point out that the fossil fuel industry is not dying—it’s unfortunately very robust and growing. We say this only because our strategies must be based on realism, and our realism leads us past non-violent … Continue reading Swarm: A Roving Caravan Strategy for Crushing Snakes and Other Capitalist Parasites

Revolutionary Ecology: Forging the Environmental Movement into a Revolutionary Force

We are losing struggles to defend the planet. Every indicator of ecological health is plummeting. Governments, green technology, NGOs, and mass movements have shown themselves to be completely ineffective in even slowing the rate of destruction. In this video, Max Wilbert argues for a revolutionary ecology movement to reverse this trend by any means necessary.

Physicist: 1000 ppm CO2 Likely Unless Civilization Collapses

Editor’s Note: This 2012 research article from University of Utah physicist and researcher Timothy Garrett concludes that “If civilization does not collapse quickly this century, then CO2 levels will likely end up exceeding 1000 ppmv.” We see this as further evidence that the Deep Green Resistance strategy of purposefully accelerating a managed collapse will provide … Continue reading Physicist: 1000 ppm CO2 Likely Unless Civilization Collapses

From Pinyon-Juniper to Revolution

via The Pinyon-Juniper Alliance The Pinyon-Juniper Alliance was formed several years ago to protect Pinyon-Pine and Juniper forests from destruction under the BLM’s and Forest Service’s misguided “restoration” plan. Since that time, we have attended public meetings, organized petitions, talked with politicians and locals, coordinated with other groups, written articles and given presentations, and commented … Continue reading From Pinyon-Juniper to Revolution

Resistance News for May 2019

Resistance News May 8, 2019 by Max Wilbert Deep Green Resistance Current atmospheric CO2 level (daily high from May 6th at Mauna Loa): 414.49 PPM A free monthly newsletter providing analysis and commentary on ecology, global capitalism, empire, and revolution. For back issues, to read this issue online, or to subscribe via email … Continue reading Resistance News for May 2019

A Modern Eco-Sabotage Manifesto

By Max Wilbert The woman places an arrow on her bow, draws to her cheek, and fires. The arrow arcs over a high-voltage electrical transmission line, carrying a non-conductive rope. She jogs to her arrow, and begins to reel in the rope. As she pulls it over the lines, a conductive cable is revealed to … Continue reading A Modern Eco-Sabotage Manifesto

The Legal System Will Not Save the Planet

DGR member and lawyer Will Falk explains why the legal and regulatory system is structurally incapable of defending the natural world from threats, because it was never designed to do this. His conclusion is that communities must organize around revolutionary, ecological principles to defend the land themselves. We cannot rely on government to do it … Continue reading The Legal System Will Not Save the Planet