What Are Your Attitudes Towards Resistance?

To effectively provide news, leadership, training, and more, we need to know more about our audience. With this goal, we are launching a survey asking our readers: how do you feel about resistance?

Filling out this survey will only take a few minutes of your time, but will provide us with valuable data to inform our work. All data is anonymous on our side. Thank you for your participation.


One thought on “What Are Your Attitudes Towards Resistance?”

  1. Even tho I feel it is useless I still think it is a worthwhile action to take. So I continue to only buy thrift or yard sale, craigslist etc rather than give one penny to any of the BRANDS. And may I take this moment to ask all to ban Facebook for 7 days. They are starting to take comments that are pejorative and label them HATE SPEECH. They are beginning their censorship agenda.

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