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Friday: Breach the Lower Snake River Dams

On Friday, November 16 at 2 pm Pacific Time, a group will be presenting the Governor at the State Capitol in Olympia with a demand to remove the lower Snake River dams immediately. Event details: The Southern Residents need you !!!! Now more then ever. The Orca Task force’s preliminary recommendations do not include Breaching … Continue reading Friday: Breach the Lower Snake River Dams

Climate Change Jury Trial in Spokane, Washington on Hold

Spokane Judge Allows Necessity Defense; Washington State Appeals Spokane – On March 8, Spokane District Court Judge Debra Hayes issued an order allowing for the necessity defense in a jury trial scheduled to start April 23, 2018, involving a climate change protestor’s alleged delay of oil and coal trains in September 2016.  On March 30, the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney’s … Continue reading Climate Change Jury Trial in Spokane, Washington on Hold

Protests Over LNG Terminal in Tacoma Escalate

PRESS RELEASE: In the pre-dawn hours of the fourth day of an indigenous-led occupation of the State Capitol grounds in Olympia, WA, one Native American woman was taken out of a “tarpee” (a contemporary teepee) and arrested by state patrol troopers, while 3 other occupants were allowed to leave. Indigenous leaders erected four of the … Continue reading Protests Over LNG Terminal in Tacoma Escalate

Time is Short: Stopping Trains

"Puget Sound Anarchists" and "It's Going Down" have reported on four recent incidents of simple sabotage against rail operations. Using copper wire to signal track blockage (as depicted in a video on how to block trains), actionists have executed cheap and low-risk attacks to temporarily halt: ... Continue reading →

Lummi Battle Atlantic Salmon Spill

Featured image: Still from video showing the broken pens of 300,000 Atlantic salmon that escaped from a fish farm off Cypress Island in Washington State. Vimeo/Wild Fish Conservancy      by Daniel Mesec / Indian Country Media Network The Lummi Nation, the third largest tribe in Washington State, is in a state of emergency following the … Continue reading Lummi Battle Atlantic Salmon Spill

Puget Sound Orca Whales Are Being Driven to Extinction

No one is certain of the total number of orcas (otherwise known as "killer whales") that exist in the wild. However, estimates are now around 100,000, and populations are dwindling. In Washington State's Puget Sound and San Juan Islands, the once-large population of orcas has declined to around 80 whales, and the Puget Sound orcas are on the US government's endangered species list. ... Continue reading →

Dozens Protest Coal and Oil Trains

An estimated 50 individuals braved cooling temperatures and the threat of arrest to show their support for stopping the transportation of coal and oil by rail in Spokane, WA. The rally, drawing individuals from as far away as Montana, highlighted the growing resentment toward large corporation’s desire to use rail systems to transport potential dangerous materials across the country, along with the hazardous and potentially lethal precedent set in the continued use of fossil fuels. ... Continue reading →

Charges Dropped in August Coal Train Blockade Case!

Yesterday, Deep Green Resistance members Kyle Lee and Dave Hyde had their charges dropped in Whatcom County District Court. They were originally charged with trespassing, resisting arrest, and obstructing a train in connection with a 12-hour coal train blockade that took place on August 27th. The blockade was an attempt to directly interfere with and … Continue reading Charges Dropped in August Coal Train Blockade Case!

Letter to the Bellingham Herald

The burning of coal is warming the climate and contributing to a major planetary emergency. On August 27th, activists in Bellingham used non-violent action to delay a mile-long coal train headed to Vancouver for 12 hours. I, along with two other members of Deep Green Resistance, was arrested. We are very concerned that nothing is being done to keep coal in the ground. Unfortunately, with laws written by legislators who are beholden to corporate money, what options do we have? ... Continue reading →