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Time is Short: Stopping Trains

"Puget Sound Anarchists" and "It's Going Down" have reported on four recent incidents of simple sabotage against rail operations. Using copper wire to signal track blockage (as depicted in a video on how to block trains), actionists have executed cheap and low-risk attacks to temporarily halt: ... Continue reading →

Time is Short: The Effectiveness of Sabotage

To most of us with no military experience, DGR's Decisive Ecological Warfare strategy can seem abstract. The aboveground efforts of rebuilding local food systems, local economies, and local decision making are straight-forward and well known to citizens engaged in any sort of social justice or environmental activity. However, the crucial underground role of directly attacking critical infrastructure, though it sounds exciting in theory, has little grounding in our daily experience or even in the history we've learned. ... Continue reading →

Film Review: Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds

"Open Sesame" examines the importance of seeds to humans as the genesis of nearly all our domesticated foods. It details the tremendous loss in varietal diversity of our crops over the last century, due in large part to increasing corporate control over the seed market. Unfortunately, the film has an extremely narrow focus. ... Continue reading →

Review of Assata: An Autobiography

I grew up in the same country as Assata Shakur, but as a poor black woman, her autobiography reveals an experience a world apart from my own middle class, white male upbringing. She ably captures these differences in a series of anecdotes revealing that she did in fact grow up in a different country: "amerika", while I enjoyed the facades of democracy, peace, and justice in America. ... Continue reading →

Review of Sophie Scholl – The Final Days

Sophie Scholl - The Final Days depicts the true story of a courageous young German woman, standing strongly behind her principles, as she faces charges in 1943 of undermining Nazi Germany. Scholl and a network of more than twenty other people comprised the White Rose, opposing the Nazi regime through propaganda of graffiti and leaflets. The film centers on Scholl and her capture, interrogation, time in jail, and trial. ... Continue reading →

Demand Crash! — A Response to Holmgren’s “Crash on Demand”

I've long admired and respected permaculture co-originator David Holmgren's thinking, so I was looking forward to reading his new "Crash on Demand," an update of his 2007 "Future Scenarios" projections for global developments. I felt especially intrigued that he has arrived at conclusions similar to my own, regarding not just the inevitability, but the desirability of a crash of the financial system as soon as possible. But the article disappointed me; I think Holmgren is soft-selling his realizations to make them palatable to a hoped-for mass movement. Interestingly, even this soft-sell is being rejected by the permaculture blogging community. ... Continue reading →

From Subsistence to Resistance

I cried today. Not once, not twice. Maybe I cried eight times. I’m not even sure how to separate one cry from the next, when my heart carries sadness and anger in waves from peak to ebb, ebb to peak. The exact number doesn’t matter. I’m not used to crying. As a male, socialized into … Continue reading From Subsistence to Resistance