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Global Warming Roundup: Worse Than It Seems

     by Anonymous It is without reasonable doubt that Anthropogenic Global Warming has firmly taken hold to such an extent that I honestly can’t decide what is scarier: that we are still only in the beginning stages of it (sort of you-ain’t-seen-nothin’-yet on steroids) or we have already crossed over into the middle stages … Continue reading Global Warming Roundup: Worse Than It Seems

Response to Sierra Club’s Greenwashed “#ReadyFor100” Plan

The Sierra Club and other big-green organizations have a long history of making compromises and major questionable decisions that negatively impact the natural world. For example, between 2007 and 2010 they received $26 million from leaders of Chesapeake Energy, a natural gas and fracking company. These donations were hidden from the membership. During this time, … Continue reading Response to Sierra Club’s Greenwashed “#ReadyFor100” Plan

Federal Regulators Favor S. Oregon Gas Pipeline vs. Democracy

A massive LNG pipeline and export terminal is proposed for southern Oregon. Deep Green Resistance opposes this project and stands in solidarity with the indigenous communities, local people, workers, environmental groups, and the natural world who do so as well. From a local DGR ally and friend: “On Thursday June 29, I attended FERC’s scoping … Continue reading Federal Regulators Favor S. Oregon Gas Pipeline vs. Democracy

Once, the Monsoon

Field notes from a botanical sanctuary: changing weather patterns are causing havoc to plants Featured image: Mist over local neighbourhood and Banasura      by Suprabha Seshan I love being at home, in Wayanad, when the south-west monsoon arrives. This hilly district of northern Kerala is still full of tall trees and myriad creatures, and drenched in … Continue reading Once, the Monsoon

Climate Change is Shrinking the Colorado River

Featured image: Lake Powell, photographed April 12, 2017. The white ‘bathtub ring’ at the cliff base indicates how much higher the lake reached at its peak, nearly 100 feet above the current level. Patti Weeks by Brad Udall, Colorado State University and Jonathan Overpeck, University of Arizona / The Conversation The nation’s two largest reservoirs, Lake Mead … Continue reading Climate Change is Shrinking the Colorado River

Coos County: take decisive action, vote yes on 6-162

A massive proposed LNG (liquefied natural gas) pipeline and export terminal has been proposed in Coos County, on the southern Oregon coast. These projects, which are expected to cost $7.6 billion (twice as much as the Dakota Access Pipeline), are known as the “Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline” and the “Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal.” The … Continue reading Coos County: take decisive action, vote yes on 6-162

Regenerative Agriculture: Our Best Shot at Cooling the Planet?

If we want to stay below the upper ceiling of 2 degrees, we still have a shot. But it’s going to take a monumental effort. Anderson and his colleagues estimate that in order to keep within this threshold, we need to start reducing emissions by a sobering 8-10% per year, from now until we reach “net zero” in 2050. If that doesn’t sound difficult enough, here’s the clincher: efficiency improvements and clean energy technologies will only win us reductions of about 4% per year at most. ... Continue reading →

Puget Sound Orca Whales Are Being Driven to Extinction

No one is certain of the total number of orcas (otherwise known as "killer whales") that exist in the wild. However, estimates are now around 100,000, and populations are dwindling. In Washington State's Puget Sound and San Juan Islands, the once-large population of orcas has declined to around 80 whales, and the Puget Sound orcas are on the US government's endangered species list. ... Continue reading →

The U.S. is Losing the Climate Change War

We need to face the truth. In Park City, like everywhere in the world, we are losing the climate-change war. The Park Record’s November 18 article, “Environmentalists search for silver linings,” by David Hampshire, declared that Election Day was not a great day for environmentalists. To support his claim, Hampshire cited Donald Trump’s statements about canceling the Paris Climate Agreement and stopping payments of US tax dollars to UN global-warming programs. ... Continue reading →