Deep Green Resistance Stands with Juchitan de Zaragoza against Wind Farm

Deep Green Resistance stands in sympathy and solidarity with Don Celestino Bartolo and the farmers and residents of the municipality of Juchitan de Zaragoza as well as all those who live on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, as they suffer and resist Gas Natural Fenosa’s Biío Hioxo Wind Energy project. Like most large infrastructure projects, the Biío Hioxo Energy project ignores how indigenous communities use the land for food, sacred places, and community integrity. This project harms the land by destroying soils, forests, and natural spaces, as well as with noise and visual pollution.

Projects like this threaten the way of life of the residents of Juchitan de Zaragoza and the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and destroy the land. It is typical of the destructiveness of civilization and the unbridled greed of capitalism. Biío Hioxo Energy also serves as an object lesson in the folly of green technology, and deserves our condemnation and resistance.

Indigenous peoples have always been at the forefront of the struggle against the dominant culture’s ecocidal violence. We are heartened by the strength of the people of Tehuantepec, who are resisting with strength and desperation. DGR offers its support and encouragement to those on the front lines of the fight to save the planet, and despite our lack of experience and membership in the region we will support the struggle in whatever way we can.

For more information on the Biío Hioxo project, see

5 thoughts on “Deep Green Resistance Stands with Juchitan de Zaragoza against Wind Farm”

  1. Thank you DGR, settler activists of the social-justice environmental movement need to unify around indigenous solidarity.

  2. Against wind farms? You’re crazy. What do you propose as an alternative? A nuclear power plant or coal-burning plant?

    Short of a sudden and catastrophic drop in the population (perhaps your goal?) what on earth do you expect people to use for energy! Even poor people need energy for cooking, and they might even have grown attached to electric lights.

    1. We don’t support ecocide or colonialism in any forms that they might take, including that of corporate wind farms built on indigenous land against the wishes of the community that lives there. Who are you to tell indigenous people what they “need”?

  3. Agreed, Wind is better. Nukes and industrial carbon emitters are suicidal and genocidal. However, wherever the wind or solar goes, there must be fair, transparent and media reported negotiations that can prove that justice is served. The turbine owners are b****s to do this to ANY population who say, “No!” Thugs give Green Energy an undeserved bad rap.

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