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Public Interest Environmental Law Conference 2017

Last weekend, the annual PIELC conference took place here in Eugene, Oregon (USA). Despite the name, this conference draws a wide range of grassroots activists in addition to lawyers. Our local chapter as well as members and close allies from around the region attended. On Friday, two of our members gave a talk critiquing energy … Continue reading Public Interest Environmental Law Conference 2017

Eugene NVDA Training

       by Erin Moberg / Deep Green Resistance Eugene On Saturday, February 4th, several members of DGR Oregon attended a day-long NVDA training in Eugene, Oregon. The event was organized by local and regional activists. Over 200 people attended, including local activists, community members new to direct action, college students, youth, retired people, … Continue reading Eugene NVDA Training

Firearms Training for Revolutionaries and Activists

"What do we do in the face of this horror? Do we sit on our hands? Do we lift our hands to god and pray for the Messiah to come? I don’t think he’s coming. What do we do? We use our hands and our arms and our hearts and our lives and our deaths and we fight back, we resist. If you can’t fight, then run. If you can’t run, then hide. But you must resist. Must." ... Continue reading →

Women’s Resistance Tour stop in Los Angeles

On Sunday, November 6th, the Santa Barbara chapter of Deep Green Resistance hosted the first stop of the Women’s Resistance Tour in Los Angeles, CA.  There were approximately 25 attendees, traveling all the way from Sacramento in the north to San Diego in the south.     There were two presentations in the morning: 1. … Continue reading Women’s Resistance Tour stop in Los Angeles

Report from Standing Rock

by Jennifer / Deep Green Resistance I have traveled to Standing Rock twice now.  The first time was on September 16 – 20. On the first trip I went with my mother.  We camped at Rosebud and spent a great deal of time in the kitchen preparing food and talking with members of the camp, indigenous … Continue reading Report from Standing Rock

Charges Dropped in August Coal Train Blockade Case!

Yesterday, Deep Green Resistance members Kyle Lee and Dave Hyde had their charges dropped in Whatcom County District Court. They were originally charged with trespassing, resisting arrest, and obstructing a train in connection with a 12-hour coal train blockade that took place on August 27th. The blockade was an attempt to directly interfere with and … Continue reading Charges Dropped in August Coal Train Blockade Case!

Letter to the Bellingham Herald

The burning of coal is warming the climate and contributing to a major planetary emergency. On August 27th, activists in Bellingham used non-violent action to delay a mile-long coal train headed to Vancouver for 12 hours. I, along with two other members of Deep Green Resistance, was arrested. We are very concerned that nothing is being done to keep coal in the ground. Unfortunately, with laws written by legislators who are beholden to corporate money, what options do we have? ... Continue reading →