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Suspension Of Farm Laws In India

This news article describes the impact of corrupt legislation on ordinary working people. The organised protests and solidarity of the public with farmers is an excellent example of how coordinated resistance can enable change. Editor’s note: DGR strongly opposes the three new farm laws that have inspired the farmer’s protests in India. However, we do … Continue reading Suspension Of Farm Laws In India

Green Flame: Chaos in Washington D.C.

This episode, recorded January 7th 2021 is a round table discussion of the January 6th protest and riots in Washington D.C.  in the U.S. Capitol.  The hosts for this episode are Max Wilbert and Jennifer Murnan. They are joined by Saba Malik and Will Falk. The discussion starts with Will outlining his work and allegiance … Continue reading Green Flame: Chaos in Washington D.C.

Ready To Resist

In this short essay Salonika relates what resistance personally means to her. By Salonika The system is fucked-up. If you are reading this, you probably know this already. You’re here because you know how fucked-up the system is. You know that it is based on the oppression of humans, nonhumans and the entire planet. You … Continue reading Ready To Resist

From Megafauna to Mecha-Fauna

Children no longer grow up in relationship with wild beings. Big machines are filling that void. by Max Wilbert My nephew is two-and-a-half years old. His language capabilities are exploding, and he is growing fast. Like most toddlers, he is a wellspring of boundless energy and pure love. On our walks through Pacific Northwest forests, … Continue reading From Megafauna to Mecha-Fauna

Radical Resolutions 2021

This list of radical new years resolutions comes from Deep Green Resistance volunteers and organizers. Learn survival skills. Learn about the edible wild plants in your area. Build your own home. If the past year has demonstrated anything,  it is that the industrial civilization and global supply chain cannot be relied upon. Practice farming. Go … Continue reading Radical Resolutions 2021

The Doomer Mentality Dooms Us to Failure

Max Wilbert responds to the statement “we are all doomed.” by Max Wilbert Anyone who is honest about the present state of affairs on this planet knows that things are very bad. The oceans are dying. Coral reefs are collapsing. We’re living through a 6th mass extinction event; around 200 species are driven extinct every … Continue reading The Doomer Mentality Dooms Us to Failure

Green Revolution: A Misnomer

By Salonika The Green Revolution is a misnomer: it sounds like a radical environmental movement when it’s the exact opposite of that. It is a movement led by corporations (including the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation) to further reinforce the class-based heierarchy, while spreading an ecocidal practice across the world. The Green Revolution has … Continue reading Green Revolution: A Misnomer

[Green Flame] Extreme Weather Around the Planet

For this episode of The Green Flame, Jennifer Murnan and Max Wilbert discuss extreme weather around the world. As the Arctic is experiencing catastrophic low ice formation, wildfires have swept western Turtle Island this summer and fall, and storms have pounded southeast Asia and the Caribbean. We include excerpts from a January podcast covering the … Continue reading [Green Flame] Extreme Weather Around the Planet

Message To The French People

This writing was written by Deep Green Resistance cadre in December 2018 and is published here in English for the first time. Message To the French People In the past weeks we have seen an uprising of the people. Macron and his cronies in the L’Assemblee have gone too far again. The average people in … Continue reading Message To The French People