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Where To Put The Charges?

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from the book Endgame Vol. 1 by Derrick Jensen. The seventh premise of this book is: “The longer we wait for civilization to crash – or before we ourselves bring it down – the messier will be the crash, and the worse things will be for those humans and … Continue reading Where To Put The Charges?

Eco Warrior Max Wilbert “We Need Fundamental Economic and Political Change Across the Planet”

This is an edited transcript of the interview Sam Mitchell from Collapse Chronicles conducted with DGR Member Max Wilbert. Sam Mitchell: It is an absolutely beautiful sunny winter day here in the great state of Texas, and the opening bell of the year 2020 and you have found your way to collapse chronicles. My name … Continue reading Eco Warrior Max Wilbert “We Need Fundamental Economic and Political Change Across the Planet”

Civilization – Myth and Reality

By Boris Wu / Deep Green Resistance Germany Deep Green Resistance stands for the resistance against the culture of empire, aka civilization. For many people this may sound very new, strange and, understandably enough, frightening; most people associate something positive with the term “civilization”. As a person born into this culture it is not easy … Continue reading Civilization – Myth and Reality

In The Event of My Demise

By Max Wilbert Anthropologist Stanley Diamond once wrote that “Civilization originates in conquest abroad and repression at home.” Empires and the elites that control them have, as Diamond notes, been repressing their opposition for thousands of years. At this point, they have turned suppression and violence into an art form. From blacklisting to blackmail, from … Continue reading In The Event of My Demise

Radical Dreamwork

By Rebecca Wildbear Cottonwood trees shaded the little river, while the rising sun brightened the blue sky and lit up the expansive slopes of the Sonoran Desert, dotted with prickly pear, saguaro, and cholla cactuses. I was in Aravaipa Canyon, a gorge in the Pinal Mountains of Southern Arizona, where I would prepare thirteen people … Continue reading Radical Dreamwork

The “Just World” Hypothesis

Belief in a Just World – And What it Means for Resistance By Salonika Many people hold a strong belief that justice is an inalienable right of every individual, and that the current social, economic and political systems ensure that justice is delivered. The belief that actions and conditions have predictable and just consequences is … Continue reading The “Just World” Hypothesis

Colonialism — The Green Flame Podcast

This episode of The Green Flame focuses on colonization and has three interviews: the first with Anne Keala Kelly, a native Hawaiian organizer, journalist, and award-winning filmmaker; the second with Mari Boine, a world-reknowned Sami indigenous musician; and the third with a river. We discuss colonization, history, tourism, the TMT telescope project on Mauna Kea, … Continue reading Colonialism — The Green Flame Podcast

Endgame: Resistance and Resilience

Excerpted from Endgame by Derrick Jensen / Featured image: River Grass by Max Wilbert If you’ve gotten this far in this book—or if you’re simply anything other than entirely insensate—we probably agree that civilization is going to crash, whether or not we help bring this about. If you don’t agree with this, we probably have … Continue reading Endgame: Resistance and Resilience

Deepen Your Ecological Perception

by Rebecca Wildbear The first time I was invited to speak to nature in my late twenties, I walked into the oak-hickory forest near the Blue Ridge Mountains, skeptical but eager. A former Outward Bound guide and a Wilderness Therapist, I loved nature and preferred being there to anywhere. I biked and backpacked, kayaked and … Continue reading Deepen Your Ecological Perception

Industrialism: Addressing Humanity’s Addiction

by Liam Campbell How bad is our current trajectory? Looking back through geologic history, there are a handful of examples of abrupt climate change and ecosystem collapse, periods when runaway feedback systems changed the planet so suddenly that biomes didn’t have time to adapt. These events were always accompanied by mass death. About 55 million … Continue reading Industrialism: Addressing Humanity’s Addiction