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What Does The UK Election Mean?

by Ben Warner The result of last week’s election was both unsurprising and, oddly helpful. It demonstrated what many of us already know; that most of the electorate are ill-informed, and incapable of making even a basic, reasonable decision. We know that the media is corporately controlled and designed to protect corporate interests. We know … Continue reading What Does The UK Election Mean?

By Any Means Necessary?

In November 2019, DGR UK hosted an event in London titled By Any Means Necessary? Diversity of Tactics in the Fight for Life on Earth. The event featured a panel discussion between four long-time environmental and social activists: Lierre Keith, radical feminist activist and writer, co-author of Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet; … Continue reading By Any Means Necessary?

London, Nov. 30th: By Any Means Necessary

Location: Conway Hall (25 Red Lion Square, WC1R 4RL London, UK) Date: Saturday November 30th Time: 7pm-10pm (doors @ 6:30) Tickets: At this pivotal moment in history, is nonviolent direct action the most effective tactic for bringing about urgent change? Should we continue to expect governments and corporations to listen and act, or has … Continue reading London, Nov. 30th: By Any Means Necessary

Communists call for protection for women’s spaces

     by Morning Star COMMUNISTS called for protection of women’s spaces and preservation of “separate spaces and distinct services to protect women from violence and abuse” today. The party’s biennial congress said that women’s rights won over decades of struggle were “under sustained ideological attack,” thanks to the “growth and ascendancy of neoliberal philosophy … Continue reading Communists call for protection for women’s spaces

Claims Against Meat Fail to Consider Bigger Picture

     by Richard Young – SFT Policy Director / Sustainable Food Trust Media attention has again highlighted the carbon footprint of eating meat, especially beef, with some journalists concluding that extensive grass-based beef has the highest carbon footprint of all. SFT policy director, Richard Young has been investigating and finds that while the carbon footprint … Continue reading Claims Against Meat Fail to Consider Bigger Picture

Electrical network sabotage Nottingham area (UK) in May 2016

There are two news reports that someone with an air rifle has targeted an electrical substation [1] and overhead electrical cables [2] in the Nottingham area in May 2016. Its unclear exactly how many incidents there were. It resulted in power cuts in 8,000 homes and businesses in the Nottingham area. The electrical company was … Continue reading Electrical network sabotage Nottingham area (UK) in May 2016

Counting Dead Women 2016

by Karen Ingala Smith In 2016, at least 117 UK women killed by men, or where a man is the principal suspect. 117 women in 365 days is one woman dead every 3.1 days. 7 January 2016: Katrina O’Hara, 44, was stabbed to death by her ex-partner, Stuart Thomas, 49. 13 January 2016: Georgina Symonds, … Continue reading Counting Dead Women 2016

Racism in the UK

The UK has never stopped being a racist country, but the vote to leave the EU has given more confidence to many racists. Racist attacks are on the rise. Now more than ever, “white people” like me need to use our privileges to support groups like Black Lives Matter. ... Continue reading →

What is the Nordic Model?

by Nordic Model Now! What is the Nordic Model? The Nordic Model approach to prostitution (also known as the Sex Buyer Law) decriminalises all those who are prostituted, provides support services to help them exit, and makes buying people for sex a criminal offence, in order to reduce the demand that drives sex trafficking. How did this approach … Continue reading What is the Nordic Model?

When a Man Kills a Woman

Across everything that divides societies, we share in common that men’s violence against women is normalised, tolerated, justified - and hidden in plain sight. Since 25 November last year, at least 118 women and girls in the UK aged over 13 have been killed by men, or a man has been the primary suspect. An average of one woman dead at the hands of a man every 3 days. ... Continue reading →