Consuming Hawaiʻi: Anne Keala Kelly on the Appropriation of Hawaiian Culture

By Owen Lloyd / Deep Green Resistance News Service Recently,‭ ‬the school where my wife works decided to host‭ “‬luau‭” ‬events throughout the state I live.‭ ‬When she contacted the ...

Earth At Risk: Speakers Talk Revolution

By Fertile Ground San Francisco, November 22nd-23rd Global warming. Racism. Sexual Violence. Inequality. War. Species extinction. What are the links between these issues? And how can we move towards victory? ...

Frank Coughlin: The Humility of Love: A Lesson from Chiapas

By Frank Coughlin / Deep Green Resistance New York Humility. An important word you rarely hear in our culture anymore. Our culture seems to be going in the opposite direction, ...


Industrial civilization forcing 41% of amphibians, 26% of mammals to extinction

By Robin McKie / The Observer A stark depiction of the threat ...

It’s Not Them, It’s Us: Unadaptable to Climate Change

By Lxs inadaptadxs al cambio climático 22 years ago on this very ...

Indigenous leader tortured, killed after opposing major mining project in Ecuador

By Jonathan Watts / The Guardian The body of an indigenous leader ...

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Time is Short: The Effectiveness of Sabotage

By Norris Thomlinson / Deep Green Resistance Hawai’i To most of us with no military experience, the Decisive Ecological Warfare strategy (DEW) of Deep Green Resistance can seem abstract. The aboveground efforts of rebuilding local food systems, local economies, and local decision making are straight-forward and well known to citizens engaged in any sort of […]

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Survival Finds WWF Complicit in Campaign of Terror Against Baka People

By Survival International Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights, has uncovered serious abuses of Baka “Pygmies” in southeast Cameroon, at the hands of anti-poaching squads supported and funded by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The Baka are being illegally forced from their ancestral homelands in the name of “conservation” because […]

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US-controlled Hopi Government Arrests, Threatens Traditional People

By Black Mesa Indigenous Support Hopi Rangers arrested two individuals and impounded 120 sheep this morning at the homesite of Tom and Etta Begay in Red Willow Springs.  Heavily armed rangers guarded and blocked nearby dirt road entrances as well. “The Hopi Rangers came for our homestead early this morning. They tried to arrest my […]

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Hawaiians halt Thirty Meter Telescope ground-breaking ceremony

By Sacred Mauna Kea On Tuesday, October 7, a ground-breaking ceremony was attempted to kick off construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), a $1.5 billion desecration of sacred Mauna Kea. The project has been rammed through by the so-called “state” of Hawai’i despite environmental, cultural, and legal concerns. Native Hawaiians led a protest and, […]

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Let’s Get Free!: Escalate the Fight to End Male Violence

By Kourtney Mitchell / Deep Green Resistance I do not have a creative introduction to start this article. I have only the seething rage of a spirit absolutely fed up with a culture that is at war with women, their fervent pleads for solidarity and their righteous actions of self-defense against the monster of male […]

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Requesting Support for ‘On the Side of the Living’ Documentary!

Our planet is being murdered. Mountains are falling. The oceans are dying. The climate itself is bleeding out and it may be beyond repair. Industrial civilization has entered its thrashing endgame. Technology can’t fix it and shopping—no matter how green—won’t stop it. And we are out of time. The environmental movement has severely truncated its […]

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A Note on Recent FBI Contact with Deep Green Resistance Members

By Deep Green Resistance Steering Committee Recently, persons working for the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Joint Terrorism Task Force have contacted multiple DGR members by phone and in-person visits to their homes. These agents attempted to get members to talk about their involvement with DGR, have asked for permission to enter […]

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Press Release: Hawaiians Protest 30-meter telescope on Mauna Kea, October 7th

By Sacred Mauna Kea Mauna Kea Protest Tuesday, October 7, 2014 — 7am to 2pm, Saddle Road at the entrance to the Mauna Kea Observatory Road Native Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians will gather for a peaceful protest against the Astronomy industry and the “State of Hawaii’s” ground- breaking ceremony for a thirty-meter telescope (TMT) on the […]

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Battleground BC: Phase Two of the Resistance

By Zoe Blunt / VIC FAN In every part of the province, industry is tearing off huge chunks of wilderness – unceded indigenous land – for mining, fracking, oil, and hydroelectric projects. This frenzy of extraction is funneling down to the port cities of the Pacific and west to China. Prime Minister Harper this month […]

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Losing Knowledge, Losing Memories: Hiparidi Top’Tiro on the Deforestation of the Cerrado

Paul Jay of The Real News Network interviews Hiparidi Top’Tiro, president of the Xavante Wara Association, a community organization based in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, that promotes ecological preservation as well as the cultural and physical survival of the Xavante Peoples. From Intercontinental Cry:  

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