Thomas Linzey: The Coal Trains’ Track to Nowhere

By Thomas Linzey / CELDF Four years ago, as we were leaving Spokane to help rural Pennsylvania communities stop frack injection wells and gas pipelines, this region’s environmental groups couldn’t ...

Ernesto Aguilar: What Fathers Should Tell Their Sons

By Ernesto Aguilar for Feminist Current When they find out, people ask me incredulously if I regret not attending my father’s funeral. I had no relationship with my father for ...

Protecting Mauna Kea: This Is A War

By Will Falk / Deep Green Resistance Sitting outside the 10 by 20 foot makeshift tent that has served as my home for the last 34 days on Mauna Kea, I ...


“Bring Down the Culture”: An Interview with Kourtney Mitchell

By Vincent Emanuele for Counterpunch Kourtney Mitchell is a writer and activist ...

Activists fight to protect prairie dog colony threatened by mall development

By Ashley Michels / Fox 31 Denver Castle Rock will soon be ...

Wildlife Conservation Efforts Are Violating Tribal Peoples’ Rights

By Stephen Corry / Survival International Twenty years ago, fundraising publicity for ...

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Will Falk: Science vs. the Real World on Mauna Kea

By Will Falk / Deep Green Resistance Many view the debate surrounding the Thirty Meter Telescope’s proposed construction on Mauna Kea and Kanaka Maolis’ opposition to it as fundamentally a question of science versus culture. On the benign end, the word “science” has come to connote something close to cool and objective rationality – nothing more […]

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On Sacred Biology: Interview with Michelle Peixinho and Mary Lou Singleton

Editor’s Note: This video was streamed live on May 14, 2015, by TRTV Show Real Talk. Deep Green Resistance volunteers transcribed the dialogue, published here. Mark: Hello, hello, and good evening and welcome to transition radio live from the land of enchantment: Silver City, New Mexico. My name is Mark Angelo Cummings. Lynna: And I’m […]

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Sealed Fate of the Crowfoot Valley Prairie Dog Colony

By Deanna Meyer / Deep Green Resistance When we visited the Crowfoot site to confirm the mass annihilation of the last large colony of prairie dogs in the Castle Rock area, we found that all the burrows were packed hard as concrete. I tried to shovel out the burrows but could not because they were […]

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Protecting Mauna Kea: Vocabulary for Haoles

By Will Falk / Deep Green Resistance I write these words from the floor of a warm corner of the men’s restroom at the Mauna Kea visitor center. The temperature outside is too cold for my laptop battery to take a charge and the restroom houses the only active plug, so I huddle in this corner […]

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Time is Short: Interview With An Eco-Saboteur, Part III

Editor’s Note:  An early version of this interview first appeared on the Deep Green Resistance News Service, June 20, 2013. In 1993 Michael Carter was arrested and indicted for underground environmental activism. Since then he’s worked aboveground, fighting timber sales and oil and gas leasing, protecting endangered species, and more. Today, he’s a member of Deep […]

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Protecting Mauna Kea: Pule Plus Action

By Will Falk / Deep Green Resistance I went up to Mauna Kea’s summit a few days ago to pule (to pray) with some of the protectors on a ridge inside the Thirty Meter Telescope’s (TMT) proposed construction site. When we reached the site, we were confronted by half a dozen large men in orange […]

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Protecting Mauna Kea: Notes From the Summit

By Will Falk / Deep Green Resistance I went to the Thirty Meter Telescope construction site near the summit of Mauna Kea for the first time, today. Four-wheel drive is recommended for the road that twists steeply with hairpin turns up the Mountain, so ten of us piled into a Kanaka uncle’s (older native Hawaiian […]

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Protecting Mauna Kea: Talking Story

By Will Falk / Deep Green Resistance Looking up at the still, lingering morning stars from the best stargazing location in the world early on the third day since my arrival at the occupation on Mauna Kea, my personal velocities catch up with me and I listen. I stand at 9,200 feet above sea level. North and […]

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Protecting Mauna Kea: They Hate Hawai’i

By Will Falk / Deep Green Resistance Trigger warning: This piece contains graphic descriptions of sexual and colonial violence. Hatred is one of the most misunderstood processes at work in the world today. Cops are killing young people of color while simultaneously maintaining they’re not racists and do not hate the people they’re killing. A […]

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Protecting Mauna Kea: Stopping Murder-Suicide

By Will Falk / Deep Green Resistance When people have asked me why I am going to Hawai’i to help protect Mauna Kea and my answer involves words like “sacredness” or “spiritual,” I am surprised whenever I see the grimaces. I often get an explanation like this, “I support indigenous people, of course, but the telescope […]

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