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Geo-engineering: A wétiko experiment on the planet

By Elizabeth Robson / Art for Culture Change In the preface to Columbus and Other Cannibals, Derrick Jensen asks: “why is the dominant culture so excruciatingly, relentlessly, insanely, genocidally, ecocidally, suicidally destructive?” [1] The author of Columbus and Other Cannibals, Jack D. Forbes, goes on to answer Derrick’s question in the chapters of his remarkable … Continue reading Geo-engineering: A wétiko experiment on the planet

To Save The Planet, Apply Poison

True change can only be driven by revolutionary action and long-term radical organizing — not chemical collusion and compromise. By Max Wilbert / Earth Island Journal   Last year, I volunteered to plant native species at the Spencer Creek-Coyote Creek wetlands southwest of Eugene, Oregon. This site, owned by the McKenzie River Trust (MRT), is … Continue reading To Save The Planet, Apply Poison

Revolutionary Ecology: Forging the Environmental Movement into a Revolutionary Force

We are losing struggles to defend the planet. Every indicator of ecological health is plummeting. Governments, green technology, NGOs, and mass movements have shown themselves to be completely ineffective in even slowing the rate of destruction. In this video, Max Wilbert argues for a revolutionary ecology movement to reverse this trend by any means necessary.

Resistance News for May 2019

Resistance News May 8, 2019 by Max Wilbert Deep Green Resistance Current atmospheric CO2 level (daily high from May 6th at Mauna Loa): 414.49 PPM A free monthly newsletter providing analysis and commentary on ecology, global capitalism, empire, and revolution. For back issues, to read this issue online, or to subscribe via email … Continue reading Resistance News for May 2019

The problem with putting a price on nature

By Beth Robson / Art for Culture Change Screenshot via New York Times Magazine I love the cover of the New York Times Magazine, by Pablo Delcan, for this week’s big story, “The Problem with Putting a Price on the End of the World.” The article discusses the challenge with pricing carbon emissions properly so … Continue reading The problem with putting a price on nature

Fighting for the Rights of Southern Resident Orcas

By Will Falk and Sean Butler / Voices for Biodiversity On December 18, 2018, the Center for Biological Diversity and the Wild Fish Conservancy threatened the Trump administration with a lawsuit under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) for allowing salmon fisheries to take too many salmon, which the critically endangered Southern Resident orcas depend on for food. … Continue reading Fighting for the Rights of Southern Resident Orcas

New DGR Podcast: The Green Flame

We are proud to announce a new project: The Green Flame, a Deep Green Resistance podcast offering revolutionary analysis, skill sharing, and inspiration for the movement to save the planet by any means necessary. Our hosts are Max Wilbert and Jennifer Murnan. Our first episode features Elisabeth Robson on why she calls The Green New … Continue reading New DGR Podcast: The Green Flame

All Oppression is Connected

By Elisabeth Robson / Art for Culture Change Image: All Oppression is Connected is a wall painting by Kenyan artist Jim Chuchu, inspired by the poetry of Jamaican artist Staceyann Chin. Labeled for noncommerical reuse on baldiri Flickr. All oppression is related to resource extraction. Whether that resource is black Africans forced into slavery, a … Continue reading All Oppression is Connected

A Modern Eco-Sabotage Manifesto

By Max Wilbert The woman places an arrow on her bow, draws to her cheek, and fires. The arrow arcs over a high-voltage electrical transmission line, carrying a non-conductive rope. She jogs to her arrow, and begins to reel in the rope. As she pulls it over the lines, a conductive cable is revealed to … Continue reading A Modern Eco-Sabotage Manifesto

The Legal System Will Not Save the Planet

DGR member and lawyer Will Falk explains why the legal and regulatory system is structurally incapable of defending the natural world from threats, because it was never designed to do this. His conclusion is that communities must organize around revolutionary, ecological principles to defend the land themselves. We cannot rely on government to do it … Continue reading The Legal System Will Not Save the Planet