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George Wuerthner is the ecological projects director for the Foundation for Deep Ecology, where he does research and writes about environmental issues. For many years he was a full-time freelance photographer and writer and has published thirty-eight books on natural history, conservation history, ecology, and environmental issues.

Buffalo: Resistance Radio with George Wuerthner

In this episode of Resistance Radio, George Wuerthner is interviewed by Derrick Jensen. George Wuerthner is the former Ecological Projects Director for the Foundation for Deep Ecology. Currently he is the executive director of Public Lands Media. He is an ecologist and wildlands activist. He has published 38 books on environmental issues and natural history … Continue reading Buffalo: Resistance Radio with George Wuerthner

Irrigation Is Dewatering Rivers

All around the world, irrigation for agriculture is taking massive amounts of water from rivers, in many cases leaving them almost or entirely dry. This article comes from central Oregon, where 90% of human water use is for agriculture. Low Flows Due to Irrigation Destroying Deschutes River by George Wuerthner / The Wildlife News The … Continue reading Irrigation Is Dewatering Rivers

Eastside Forest Scam–The Proposed Removal of the 21-inch Rule.

Large and old-growth trees in the dry eastern region of the U.S. state of Oregon are under threat as the agency which regulates Forest Service lands plans to remove existing protections, George Wuerthner reports. By George Wuerthner / The Wildlife News / August 13, 2020 The Forest Service has begun a 30 day comment period … Continue reading Eastside Forest Scam–The Proposed Removal of the 21-inch Rule.

Mountain Biking is a Threat to New Wilderness Designation

Mountain bikers, as a demographic group, fit the profile of off-road vehicle users. They are predominately male, between 20-40, and tend to have above average incomes and often have the same outlaw attitude and sense of entitlement.

We see this sense of entitlement in the continual commandeering of trails and/or illegal construction of new trails on public lands by mountain bikers. When the Forest Service or BLM seeks to close some of these trails (very infrequently done) mountain bikers squeal like a poked pig, claiming they're being “discriminated against.” ... Continue reading →