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Civilization on the March

A series of headlines from around the world, compiled by Max Wilbert and Mark Behrend. Featured image by Max Wilbert. 2019 Was the 2nd Hottest Year on Record Global average temperature reached the 2nd highest annual level ever recorded, according to preliminary data for 2019. While the data is not yet finalized, it’s almost certain … Continue reading Civilization on the March

Rubber: The Achilles Heel of Industrialization

Editor’s note: large sections of this article are inspired by Without Rubber, the Machines Stop by Stop Fossil Fuels. Deep Green Resistance does not endorse their organization or their analysis but it’s worth reading. by Liam Campbell It’s easy to take rubber for granted. Without it, most of the world’s vehicles would literally grind to … Continue reading Rubber: The Achilles Heel of Industrialization