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The culture’s problem lies above all in the belief that controlling and abusing the natural world is justifiable.

DIY Resistance: Recover Empathy

Many thanks to San Diego Free Press, who first published this article By Will Falk, Deep Green Resistance Southwest Coalition The dominant culture kills our ability to empathize. Faucets deliver water over great distances silencing the voices of rivers. Super-markets place meat on chilled display shelves hiding the sacred ceremonial relationship between hunter and prey. … Continue reading DIY Resistance: Recover Empathy

Free Will – Derrick Jensen

It is almost impossible to talk about free will without talking about insanity. Most of us are by now, of course, almost completely insane. Force is an expensive and inefficient way to exploit. This is as true on the grand social level as it is on the familial. From the perspective of those in power, … Continue reading Free Will – Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen: The Age of the Sociopath

By Derrick Jensen The term Anthropocene not only doesn’t help us stop this culture from killing the planet – it contributes directly to the problems it purports to address. First, it’s grossly misleading. Humans aren’t the ones “transforming” – read, killing – the planet. Civilized humans are. There’s a difference. It’s the difference between old … Continue reading Derrick Jensen: The Age of the Sociopath

Chris Hedges: Welcome to the Asylum

By Chris Hedges / TruthDig When civilizations start to die they go insane. Let the ice sheets in the Arctic melt. Let the temperatures rise. Let the air, soil and water be poisoned. Let the forests die. Let the seas be emptied of life. Let one useless war after another be waged. Let the masses … Continue reading Chris Hedges: Welcome to the Asylum