Endgame Premises Archives: 19: Human supremacy is our root problem

The culture’s problem lies above all in the belief that controlling and abusing the natural world is justifiable.

‘Scorched Earth’: Trump Admin Finalizes Sweeping Clearcutting Rule

In this article Shad Engkilterra exposes plans to expand clearcutting across vast portions of the U.S., to fast track the process, bypass environmental laws and regulations, and destroy forests on a huge scale. ‘Scorched Earth’: In Final Days, Trump Admin Finalizes Sweeping Clearcutting Rule Across West, While Cutting Public out of the Process by Shad Engkilterra … Continue reading ‘Scorched Earth’: Trump Admin Finalizes Sweeping Clearcutting Rule

Have the Machines Already Taken Over?

This article describes the madness of consumption, the accumulation of things, and the impact of consumerism on the human state of being and on the natural world. by Phil Knight / Counterpunch According to Ron Milo and his colleagues at Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, in 2020 the mass of artificial, human made objects … Continue reading Have the Machines Already Taken Over?

Philippines: Northern Negros National Park Threatened

This article is based on communication from a comrade in the Negros province of the Philippines. There is ongoing destruction of the natural world in this area due to road construction, a planned airport, and clearing of the rainforest. The people on the front lines, being most affected, are calling for international solidarity and support. … Continue reading Philippines: Northern Negros National Park Threatened

Green Technology Is Not Good For the Earth

Grassroots activist Suzanna Jones challenges the idea that green energy is good and rebukes the corporations and ideologically-captured organizations who promote it. By Suzanna Jones The recently released documentary Planet of the Humans takes direct aim at the major threat to the Earth. It does this by asking fundamental questions: can Nature withstand continued industrial extraction; can … Continue reading Green Technology Is Not Good For the Earth

Wildlife Slaughter: Public Tax Dollars At Work

This interview between Derrick Jensen and Christoper Ketcham examines the U.S. government’s taxpayer-funded wildlife slaughter program. Ketcham exposes Wildlife Service’s use of poisoned bait, aerial gunning, neck snares, leghold traps (banned in 80 countries), and cyanide traps to kill millions of wild animals each year in the United States. This conversation originally aired on the … Continue reading Wildlife Slaughter: Public Tax Dollars At Work

Deepen Your Ecological Perception

by Rebecca Wildbear The first time I was invited to speak to nature in my late twenties, I walked into the oak-hickory forest near the Blue Ridge Mountains, skeptical but eager. A former Outward Bound guide and a Wilderness Therapist, I loved nature and preferred being there to anywhere. I biked and backpacked, kayaked and … Continue reading Deepen Your Ecological Perception

Are Humans Inherently Destructive?

By Max Wilbert / Featured Image: San People in southern Africa making friction fire. Photo by Isewell, used under the CC BY-SA 2.5 license. Are humans inherently destructive? Are we, as a species, some sort of  cancer on the planet? Are we “destined” to destroy the planet because we are “too smart” and  “too successful”? … Continue reading Are Humans Inherently Destructive?

Trust Nothing

     by John Steppling / Counterpunch “Utilizing the power of celebrity (an unprecedented phenomenon for the expansion of capital in the west), today’s global influencers such as Thunberg, are fully utilized to create a sense of urgency in regard to the climate crisis. The unspoken reality is, they are the very marketing strategy to save … Continue reading Trust Nothing

Waiting For Death: Ecopsychology as Human Supremacism

So many indigenous people have told me that the levels of sustainability their traditional cultures achieved prior to the arrival of colonizers were based on lessons learned from non-humans. Implicit in these lessons is the truth that humans depend on non-humans. This dependence is not limited to the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the food we eat. This dependence sinks into our very souls. ... Continue reading →

Layla and the Owl’s Eyes: Ecopsychology and Being Human

Recently walking up Main Street in Park City, Utah, I saw in the Visitor’s Center doorway what looked like a man holding a great-horned owl surrounded by children. As his voice carried across the street, I heard the man explain that this owl had been found with an injured wing after being struck by a car. I love owls. I love the haunting sound of their hoots in the darkest hours before dawn. I love the joy that accompanies the lucky sight of a splash of brown feathers against newly-fallen snow when an owl makes the rare decision to reveal herself in winter daylight. I love how owls’ mysterious nature have made them omens in so many cultures’ imaginations. So, when I saw what I thought was a great-horned owl, I automatically crossed the street with a feeling of anticipation. ... Continue reading →