Passions, Humour and the Vocabulary of Strife

How do we fight? All together. What is resistance? Organized. Passions, Humour and the Vocabulary of Strife by Trinity La Fey “Men understood what it is to be in a war and you gotta’ be armed.  Women don’t have that knowledge.”  – Phyllis Chesler. . . . “But humour, after all, in patriarchy, is just … Continue reading Passions, Humour and the Vocabulary of Strife

Green Flame: Poetry Celebration

In this final Green Flame episode of 2020, we listen to a discussion between Jennifer Murnan and Trinity La Fey about the love and support of women, resistance, writing, reminders of beauty, performance and people. We are blessed with Trinity’s performances of poetry. Their discussion is woven into a chorus of other poets. With a … Continue reading Green Flame: Poetry Celebration

North American Patriarchy and Male Mutilation

Trinity La Fey reflects on the ubiquity of child abuse, the links between childhood trauma and addictive behaviors, the brain chemistry of pornography addiction, and the ways in which patriarchy is reproduced and transmitted from generation to generation through children. by Trinity La Fey “The first step in resisting exploitation is seeing it and knowing … Continue reading North American Patriarchy and Male Mutilation

Where We Live

Editor’s note: We are grateful to present this wonderful article by our appreciated guardian Trinity La Fey today. Original writing by DGR cadre, guardians and supporters makes the most powerful articles because it genuinely reflects our spirit, the deep empathy and love for the natural world that keeps us grassroots activists going, and gives insight … Continue reading Where We Live

The Rules: Animal Testing and the SHAC 7

Trinity writes about The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the seven ‘Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty’ (SHAC 7) members who were originally charged with violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Trinity La Fey is clear in her writing: we all need to act as one to stop the destruction. The Rules by Trinity La Fey Josh … Continue reading The Rules: Animal Testing and the SHAC 7

Fracking: Our Experience Is Not An Abstraction

Reporting from amidst fields of fracking wells in Colorado, Trinity La Fay writes about the conscious experience of being in relationship to the place she lives, and the disconnect between people and land needed to maintain the destruction. Experience Is Not An Abstraction by Trinity La Fey On the Colorado Rising website, the maps of … Continue reading Fracking: Our Experience Is Not An Abstraction

What is Deep Green Resistance?

The organization Deep Green Resistance has existed for nearly a decade, since the book was released in 2011. For this piece, we look at four different answers to the question: “What is Deep Green Resistance?” Ben Warner: What is Deep Green Resistance? DGR is survival. We want to survive and we want the rest of … Continue reading What is Deep Green Resistance?

The Mignonnes Question

In this piece, Trinity La Fey breaks down Maïmouna Doucouré’s film Mignonnes, which has become extremely controversial. The Mignonnes Question by Trinity La Fey Frenchwoman Maïmouna Doucouré, who wrote and directed ‘Cuties’ (English translation), a film which has sparked an online petition calling for it’s removal from Netflix’s streaming platform, has defended her work against … Continue reading The Mignonnes Question

Reading ‘Intercourse’ to my Husband

Trinity La Fey writes of sharing walls with abusers, of poverty and work, of finding radical feminism, and of navigating relationships in the midst of a patriarchal society. By Trinity La Fey Background is always tedious; I’ll try not to bore.  Poverty, racism and sexism were not things I gradually discovered.  I spent early years … Continue reading Reading ‘Intercourse’ to my Husband